A tidal wave

It was not an easy year, 2017. When Facebook prompts you with fun memories you wonder where did those youth go? I could be making more and happier memories but it would suck the last energy out of me.

It was not easy, but it was not bad too. There were as much good times as the bad. Lately I finally read (and finished!) a book.

The last few weeks should be merry; but instead I find myself stuck in emotions. The upgrading is done, the new year is coming, Mum’s birthday was lovely… but the feeling is not contented. Maybe I did not have a sunny vacation, maybe the toilets were done half-heartedly, maybe I stressed too much over Donut, maybe the deadlines does not disappear with the pages that were torn from the calendar. This is not good. The ability to even feel this way is, um, unnecessary.

Hanging out now means sitting together using smartphones. I guess thats why I’d rather not be part of a social group.

Having expectations would be another killer. And disappointment is a catalyst to depression.

I hope in 2018 I will be riding on the waves than struggling to stay afloat. Inshallah.


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