Drifting in the Ocean

Been a month since the Cebu trip. I worked hard this year, I swear, the trip was a treat well-deserved yo.

Before Karim’s arrival in Malapascua I did a dive on my own, to feel comfortable enough for the “big” dive for the threshers. I was never a confident diver, especially after being caught in a strong current in Perhentian. I had done drift-diving; the paranoia was mainly from an irresponsible divemaster. 😦 Sun-rise that morning when we had our first thresher shark dive was nothing short of amazing. Partially also because I rarely make it for sun-rise, haha.

Those big round eyes.

I did a total of three dives at the same site, though the second was pretty much a ripped-off. If you are ever offered two thresher dives, bear in mind by daylight they are back home. One is enough. They came close, so close but so elegant I forgot the damage they can cause. Those eyes, I stared at them in awe.

*Photo from internet, but pretty close 😛

Suddenly it felt like learning how to dive is one of the best thing ever. Ever. At 30m without nitrox we could not stay for long, but still worth it.

Maki and Annie’s wedding was lovely. Other than the long-awaited Cebuano lechon, we were also treated to fireworks, Pinoy hospitality and dance moves, and a trip to the local hospital with happy ending.

In Moalboal we visited Kawasan Falls. Water there in every corner was beautiful and clear. Jumping off 12m was exhilarating for me. One should definitely do the canyoneering if you can instead of just visiting the falls. The ones before were equally nice and less crowded. Beats the line of umbrellas for tourists at Kawasan for sure. Everyone’s social media post only shows this:

But on the opposite…. you get this. (you can thank me later)

I’m not saying it is not worth going, but do yourself a favour, spend a bit more time at places you feel comfortable before heading here because the guides will not want to do a detour once you are at your last stop, I think. At our second fall where we had lunch we waited a bit and it got better after people are done eating and jumping off the 12m cliff.

Before heading back to the city I convinced my lazy bones to do a dive at Moalboal’s house reef. Sardinesssss, so many sardines! They were close to the surface, and blocking the natural light. Big chunk of them forming a dark silhouette like a gloomy cloud above me during the dive.

At the end of the trip I was just over the top. Threshers, checked. Sardines, checked.

Left the country with a nice beach-wave perm.

Can’t wait for my liveaboard booked for 2018! Keep blowing bubbles, no troubles!


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